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Conference: 28th - 29th March 2018
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2017 CABSEC SAMSEC Sample Attendee List

Take a look at who attended last year's CABSEC SAMSEC conference

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Security in the Caribbean and Latin America

The Caribbean and Latin American region share significant security concerns relating to crime, terrorism, the economy and the environment. Owing to the interconnectivity of these issues and the potential damage they can cause to the wider region, they require inter-agency cooperation and trans-national cooperation.Read this Defence IQ overview of the prescient threats facing the Americas today…

South America and Caribbean Defence & Security: In Numbers [Infographic]

CABSEC 16 will be taking place in Colombia in 2016, bringing the South American, Caribbean and international security decision-makers together in one place to tackle discuss the countering of mutual threats. To provide perspective, we look at some of the latest figures relevant to this region, from national spending figures and the fight against the illegal narcotics trade to the presence of OPVs and maritime patrol aircraft. Download this infographic for an eye-opening overview...

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CABSEC Through the Years

Take a look at the topics, speakers and sessions from the past three years of CABSEC, where the summit has been supported by The Ministry of National Security and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (2015) and the Barbados Defence Force (2014). 


Paradise Regained: Why Defense and Security Companies are Finding New Business in the Caribbean Sea

In spite of progress, security efforts in the Caribbean and South America are far from won. Indeed, the nexus between transnational organized crime and extremist organizations continues to pose a global threat as much as remaining a critical risk for countries within this region. The impact of a terrorist incident, aside to the immediate physical threat to human lives, could well have secondary effects, such as a severe impact on tourism and local economies. Read more on the companies seizing opportunities in this regional market, offering much-needed solutions from patrol aircraft to fast boats...

On the Throes of Transition: Terrorism, Analysis and Action

Serena Joseph-Harris, CEO of Sirius International, presents this collection of papers themed “On the Throes of Transition,” discussing the topic of terrorism and promising to serve as a medium of exchange among defense planners, policy makers and intelligence analysts. It offers an empirically framed rationale for medium to long-term counter-terrorism strategies relying on political and economic context, geographical activity, the mutating nature of felonious groups like gangs, criminal deportees and drug cartels and relevant socio-economic indicators that determine those factors most closely associated with terrorism.

Transnational threats and violent social movements in the Caribbean

"ISIL has recruits from over 100 countries. Large numbers from Belgium and France but proportionately it also has a significant number from the Caribbean – specifically Trinidad and Tobago. This is not a coincidence or an aside. This is a major issue to be dealt with for two reasons: ISIL operates in nodes, and ISIL is a violent transnational social movement..." Candyce Kelshall explores the reach of global terrorism to the Caribbean, a key issue for the international audience attending CABSEC 2016.
This article first appeared in BUCSIS.

8 Notable Security Influencers in the Western Hemisphere

Defence IQ explores some of the key stimuli for security enhancement in Latin America and the Caribbean, as threats ranging from illegal fishing to narcotrafficking continue to demand an effective, multi-agency response…